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Hi!! I just want to know what everyone is having trouble with, so i can help them! please tell me what you need help with by commenting, so i can know what to post!


How to make an improper fraction

Hi!!! Long time no read! so some people get confused on how to make an improper fraction. So let's try to make a improper fraction out of this: 5 53. Now I have no idea how to make a fraction on my computer so if some one would comment and tell me, that would be great. so the first 5 is a whole number. the second 5 is the denominator (bottom one) and the 3 is the numerator (top one). so you multiply the whole number (5), and the denominator (second 5) 5x5=25

so then you take 25 and add the numerator (3) which equals 27. do you all get it? you times the whole number by the denominator, then add the numerator. if you need more help on it ask me personally by commenting me.


HELLO! Now I haven't been adding post lately......... Oh well! Now i just can't figure out a tirck to put on....... I will tell you as soon as i can.


Times 9

Hello again! I see you would like a trick for times 9. Well here it is: See the times of nine here ( well
over here). Do you see a pattern? Well I hope you do!! You see the 9876543210! And the o123456789!! Oh they also switch around if you really look at it! Well hoped this helped you with times 9



Times for 5

Today's post is about Times 5. So my very easy trick is this. Here is the problem: 8 x 5 = ? now here is my trick: You know how 10 times 8 you just add a 0 so 80 well if you do 8 x 5 it's just like 10 x 8 accept you cut the 80 in half sooo 40! 8 x 5 = 40!! so there is the trick (this goes for all 5's just cut it in half).



Hi! You most want some help and tricks. So as you look at the following posts you well find some very useful things.